Monday, January 13, 2014

Maria De Varenne Do YOU Know Jeremy Gaines - Please Tell Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore I Want to Work At Gannett. I'll Learn to Live with the Corruption… It's OK.. I've Accepted "that's how things are"….. I told the FBI that too...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Proof that Silverman's Got Jobs…. Corruption Happened in Tennessee and GANNETT Ignored It. The CEO's Husband is CEO of LARGE DOD Vendor Calibre …. The Company started after the LOCKERBIE BOMBING…NVESTIGATE 
Date: January 13, 2014 4:15:29 PM CST
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL" <Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL>, "" <>
Cc: Mark Silverman <>

Today received text messages from the Ben Bradlee Winner (a man who I was in love with & a man who was my only friend after I whistle blew on NISSAN)  

I've thought about it and if being "corrupt" is the only way to get a job in America than OK… Ill work at Gannett ya'll can teach me how to get kick backs & special favors. FYI-  I was taught by my grandfather to NEVER do that… ever.  Obviously he was wrong & being ETHICAL is not the way to the "good life" 

Why NOT have Gannett hire me? I have viewers.  Gannett Elite i"m capable of learning and can adjust to being pampered & having to go to fancy meetings at the Ritz Carlton just like Gannett Editors… I too am capable of enjoying fine wines and playing golf. Bob Dickey I was told by people in Pebble Beach your talented:):)  Call me  615-944-7599

Have a Great Day!


they are below before you read them see OLD ones"  I can prove CORRUPTION happened….Had the editor of the Tennessean reported the story of MASSIVE DOE fraud being done by NISSAN.  Catherine Perez told me NISSAN was taking the money cause they had a "cash flow" problem. She was the VP of purchasing and was my friend- still I spoke up and asked the NEW President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares (this was in 2009) Why take money for a car that will be built to FAIL?  FYI- NISSAN employees told me the company was using technology from the 90's created in the C.A.R.B. days. Today Carlos Tavares is the Peugeot CEO and I was told that MY blogging that he was "ethical" helped get him the job. I have a LOT of viewers from CHINA.  So a "taxpayer backed" Rutherford County 2 billion dollar bond would not have used for a 1.4 Billion dollar DOE taxpayer loan financed through the Federal Financing Bank (the TREASURY) the $$$ given to a company that does business in IRAN.  NISSAN owns AUTOVAZ people at the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) told me that NISSAN shares tech with America's enemies that KILL out troops.  Mark Silverman KNEW this and did NOTHING.  His kid David did get a job at NISSAN and when David did not like the job Mark got his son a job at Volkswagen. IF Mark wants to "shut me up" he can get me a job.  Seems like he does THAT more than report the news that matters to society.

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